A Life-Changing Public Education

A Life-Changing Public Education

Gateway Public Schools is a public charter school organization dedicated to serving San Francisco’s diverse student population. We help our students achieve their dreams, build a more just community, and impact the future by sending nearly every graduate to college.

Welcome Dr. Alicia Montgomery!

Alicia Montgomery

After a thorough and exacting search process, we are thrilled to have found Gateway's new Executive Director! Dr. Montgomery is a truly remarkable educator and leader, and we hope our entire community will join us in welcoming her to Gateway. Learn more using the links below:

Helping Students Thrive

A Place to Thrive

We are committed to serving a student body that reflects the diversity of San Francisco including a special emphasis on students with diagnosed learning disabilities, and helping each and every one of our students get into college and thrive.

Helping Students Thrive

of Gateway’s graduates have gone on to college.


of California schools have a student body as diverse as Gateway's


annual teacher retention rate (double the national average)

Impacting Lives; Impacting Public Education

Students pose together

Impacting Lives; Impacting Public Education

Year after year, Gateway students are thriving. In addition to helping our students achieve their dreams, Gateway’s track record of success has positioned us to make a significant impact on public education in San Francisco.

Smaya's portrait

It wasn’t until I came to Gateway that I thought school could be a place where I was accepted by everybody. The staff and students here all come from really different backgrounds but everyone is supported and encouraged, and that’s really awesome.”

Smaya G
Class of 2023

Gateway really allowed me to step up, do right, and dream big, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Cody M.
Class of 2017

“Gateway taught me to be comfortable with challenging myself. My Gateway teachers pushed me to take honors and AP classes for the first time ever, and when I actually did well in them, it was like something switched on for me. It made me want to try taking on more challenges in school and out of school as well.”

Deejay T.
Class of 2021; California State Youth of the Year 2021