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Understanding Accomplished Teaching

What does accomplished teaching look like in your field? This course offers an opportunity to explore the National Board standards written by and for teachers. Through interactive collaborative activities, you will analyze and reflect upon your teaching practice to develop a clearer picture of what you’re doing and what you need to do.  

Democracy at Risk: Holocaust and Human Behavior

In today’s world, questions of how to best build and maintain democratic societies that are pluralistic, open, and resilient to violence are more relevant than ever. Studying the Holocaust using Facing History’s approach allows students to wrestle with profound moral questions raised by this history and fosters their skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement—all of which are critical for sustaining democracy.

Ideas for Teachers: Teaching Financial Literacy

The Ideas for Teachers website contains activities to illustrate sound money-management concepts. It is designed to help you teach 6-12 graders how to manage money wisely. The need for such practical instruction is a serious one. Both test scores and the current money management behavior of young people indicate that they lack basic money management skills they need to learn as they grow up.

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