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Teen Environmental Education Mentorship (TEEM)

Teen Environmental Education Mentorship (TEEM) is a paid environmental education internship and leadership program for San Francisco and Marin high school students. Through TEEM, participants discover their inner strength as leaders, their ability to positively influence others, and the importance of diversity, community, and hands-on learning.

Spotlight on the Arts

Participate in a summer internship at a San Francisco arts organization, cultural arts center or community arts program where you will train with creative professionals. Learn the ins and outs of the organizations that keep art alive in your city! Spotlight on the Arts supports you in your internship and hosts interactive youth development and job readiness enrichment workshops that include visits to cultural institutions, college counseling, and 21st century skills.

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GHS Wait Pool Application Chinese

GHS Wait Pool Application English

GHS Wait Pool Application Spanish

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17 6th Grade Registration Packet English

17 6th Grade Registration Packet Spanish

17 6th Grade Reading

2017 Registration Packet (English)

2017 Registration Packet (Spanish)

2017-2018 Academic Calendar (DRAFT)

teacher compensation

teacher compensation

YMCA Registration Packet

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January 2017 signed minutes

April 2017 board meeting minutes

7th Grade Summer Reading Challenge

7th Grade Summer Reading Challenge

8th Grade Summer Reading Challenge

High School Enrollment Process

Enrollment Letter to Rising 8th Grade Students

2017-2018 Athlete Eligibility 

Counseling Program Flow Chart

Boys Varsity Soccer Match Schedule

Girls JV Volleyball Match Schedule

Girls Varsity Volleyball Match Schedule

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September 2017 Agenda

What to do if DACA ends

What to do if DACA ends (Spanish)

What to do if DACA ends (Chinese)

What is DACA? (Monday Morning Meeting)


October 2017 Board Meeting

GMS Club Scholars Application

May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Agenda November 2017

Griffin Gazette

Recruitment flyer

Recruitment flyer 

Signed Board Meeting Minutes - October
Signed Board Meeting Minutes - November
Signed Board Meeting Minutes - January 

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2017-2018 Student Handbook

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