gateway middle school students

From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

At Gateway Public Schools we believe that each and every one of our students is capable of incredible achievements. We believe that the individuality of our students must be understood, nurtured, and celebrated. And, we believe that schools must be built for success. In today’s world, young people need to learn the skills and habits required for college and beyond. In the 18 years since Gateway High School opened its doors, we have sent more than 96% of our graduating seniors to colleges across the nation. That sounds like success to me.

In August 2011, Gateway Public Schools opened its second school, Gateway Middle School. We are thrilled to work with students at a younger age during their formative middle grades. We are also thrilled to reach more students in San Francisco, setting them on the road to college.

  • At Gateway, we are making the dream of college real for all of our students.
  • At Gateway, we are demonstrating that public school teachers are among the most talented, ambitious, and intelligent people around.
  • At Gateway, we are proving that it is possible to give each student a great public school education.

Thank you for visiting our website – it is full of information about Gateway’s programs, students, and successes. Take a look around. And, if you would like to learn more, I invite you to visit us at one of our schools soon to see the promise of public education firsthand.


Sharon Olken, Executive Director

Sharon Olken