Our Mission

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Gateway Public Schools’ mission is to prepare a broad range of learners for success in college and beyond. 

As model public charter schools, we are committed to serving a student body that reflects the diversity of San Francisco, including a special emphasis on students with diagnosed learning disabilities, and helping each and every one of our students get into college and thrive. 

We believe that all students are capable of learning at high levels when schools pair high expectations with a school-wide understanding that students learn differently. At Gateway, we combine a rigorous academic program with an approach where the individual talents, strengths, and needs of our learners are identified and supported. 
In addition to providing a high quality public education to our students, we seek to accomplish two important broader goals:

By ensuring that each of our students – more than 75% of whom are students of color, more than 40% are first-generation college-bound, and more than 25% have diagnosed learning disabilities – has excellent post-secondary opportunities, we hope to help change the demographics of the college-bound population in San Francisco.
By serving as model public schools, we hope to demonstrate that public education can and does work for diverse learners, share our best practices, and serve as a change agent within the public sphere.

Our Charter

Charter schools are public schools that are given increased freedom to be innovative in exchange for a higher level of accountability for improved student achievement.

In 1998, seven San Francisco parents formed a nonprofit organization that is referred to as the charter operator: Gateway Public Schools. Gateway entered into a contract with the San Francisco Unified School District for the right to operate Gateway High School. Because of the contract — or “charter” — we are called a public charter school. These documents are available for viewing below.

Gateway High Charter
Gateway Middle Charter