Erin Hartfield (she/her/hers)

Erin Hartfield (she/her/hers)

Academic Interventionist/Instructional Leader

Erin Hartfield is a social justice advocate and veteran special educator who has an ability to foster connections with students and staff and enact change.

As a National Board Certified, Special Education teacher, she led the department at one of the largest comprehensive Middle Schools in her district. As the youngest leader and first woman of color to hold that position, she worked hard to create structure within the department that helped ALL students to feel a sense of belonging and make progress on educational goals. Erin also led a department of up to 26 teachers and paraprofessionals for the school's special education department to be able to do their best and thrive in their positions.

Erin has spoken at many educational conferences, most recently the Powerful Learners Conference. Erin is passionate about using the opportunities given to her to develop young people. From those different roles she was able to see what young people needed and more importantly the power behind youth voice.

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