2020-21 School Year Information

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2020-21 School Year Information

Process, Timeline, Assumptions and Goals

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Assumptions and Goals

Unknowns to Date

Unfortunately, there are many unknowns:

  • State-required modifications to education programs
  • Changes to instructional minutes calculation, attendance calculations, etc.
  • SFUSD's plan for reopening schools.

Newsom's Guidelines

Governor Newsom's Reopening Roadmap for Schools Assumes:

  • COVID-19 will still be present during the 20-21 school year
  • Once the government-specified requirements are met, we will return to in-person learning (with appropriate modifications)
  • Students will need increased support – both academically and social-emotionally – as a result of shelter-in-place and distance learning
  • The prevalence of COVID-19 cases will be constantly monitored; we will need to be able to switch quickly to a full distance learning model
  • There will be significant financial impacts due to the COVID-19 epidemic

Our Model Assumptions

Gateway's Planning for School Model and Choices Assumes:

  • Social distance guidelines will require us to have fewer students (50%) on campus at a time
  • Students are likely to spend less than 50% of time on campus and continue to engage in distance learning
  • There will be one day per week without students on campus for professional development, planning, deep cleaning of schools
  • We will need to develop a plan for 100% distance learning to respond to rapidly changing health situations
  • There are several possible models for on-campus learning: alternating days, consecutive days, week on/week off

Our Reopening Goals

Gateway is Focusing on These Goals for Possible School Models

  • Prioritize student and staff health and safety
  • Maximize student academic learning and sense of community
  • Support students' social and emotional needs and individual learning needs through equitable practices
  • Meet the needs of our faculty as much as possible
  • Meet the needs of our families as much as possible
  • Preserve Gateway's mission
  • Comply with state and local requirements, recommendations and guidelines
  • Community Crisis Resources