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Alumni Spotlight: Sandra Cabrera-Galvan, GHS Spanish Teacher

Alumni Spotlight: Sandra G

Sandra Carbrera-Galvan graduated from Gateway High School in 2010 and remains part of the Gateway community as a heritage Spanish teacher. She started her career at Gateway in 2015 as a paraprofessional and was encouraged to move into classroom teaching a year and a half later. 

According to Sandra, Gateway was a perfect fit for her during high school and it still is now during the beginning stages of her career. “I can’t imagine myself teaching anywhere else,” said Sandra. She says there is something beautiful about being professionally mentored by teachers who were once your teachers in high school.

“Since high school I’ve done a complete full circle,” says Sandra. “During high school, I struggled a lot with my homework and home life but Gateway teachers were always there for me, especially Ms. Wieder. She was my go-to person back then and still is.”

Ms. Wieder, who is Gateway’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction, had a tremendous impact on Sandra and helped shape who she is today. “In high school, I took every single class that Ms. Wieder taught and was her teacher’s assistant my senior year,” said Sandra. “One day she told me I was resilient. To be called ‘resilient’ by someone who you admire deeply, during a time of struggle, had a tremendous impact on me. I will always carry that advice with me throughout the rest of my life.”

Sandra is one of the many alumni who come back to Gateway as a teacher, coach, paraprofessional, or staff member. “I think so many alumni come back to Gateway because of the personal relationships that were built during our high school years,” said Sandra. “It’s so enticing to work in a place where you feel comfortable being yourself and being known.”