Honors, AP & Elective Courses

Embrace a Challenge, Discover Your Passions

GHS may be a small school, but we pride ourselves on offering a robust selection of courses that invite students to explore their interests and push themselves academically. Students are encouraged to seek new passions and push past their pre-conceived notions of what they can accomplish – the sky is the limit!

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AP and Honors Classes

Honors courses are designed with extra rigor and a higher level of student inquiry in mind than general subject area courses, and students must apply to enroll. All students are encouraged to try at least one honors class; passing grades confer extra GPA points to a student’s transcripts. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are rigorous academic courses that prepare students to take a national exam at the end of the school year to demonstrate mastery of the subject. Many universities will accept high or passing exam scores for college credit. AP offerings vary slightly from year to year based on teacher availability and student interest, but in general GHS offers the following honors and AP course options:

Honors Courses

Algebra II Honors
Chemistry Honors
English 11 Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
Visual Art I Honors
Visual Art III Honors

AP Courses

AP Biology
AP Physics 1
AP Environmental Science
AP Calculus AB
AP English Literature
AP US History
AP Government
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature



As with AP and Honors courses, options may shift slightly from quarter to quarter and year to year. In general, however, we offer the following:

Creative Writing
Drama 1
Drama 2
Ethnic Studies
Honors Creative Writing

Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Statistics & Applied Math
Office Aide & Teacher’s Aide
Physical Education
Visual Art 2