Graduation Requirements

Everything to Know About the Path to a Gateway Diploma

All students at Gateway take a course load that exceeds the entrance requirements at the University of California and California State University systems. As a result, Gateway students are eligible to apply to any public university in the state of California. Our goal is to ensure our students are prepared for the college environment, as well as to strengthen their applications to competitive universities. 

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Graduation Requirements Overview

Our academic requirements are designed to prepare students for success in college and to inspire them to continue their commitment as lifelong learners. 

Gateway students take 4 years of humanities.

Gateway students take 3 years of mathematics, at least through successful completion of algebra II.

Gateway students take 3 years of science, including chemistry and biology.

Gateway students take 3 consecutive years of a language, through successful completion of Spanish III.

Gateway students take 2 years of art; 1 year must be in a UC/CSU-approved course.

Gateway students take 2 years of electives; 1 year must be in a UC/CSU approved course.

Gateway students take 1 year of 9th grade seminar.

Gateway students take 2 semesters of college counseling.

Gateway students complete 240 hours (or 20 credits) of supervised physical activity. 

Gateway students complete one Project Week for each year of attendance at Gateway.

Gateway students complete 25 hours of community service for each year of attendance at Gateway.

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Academic Subject Areas

9th Grade Seminar

All 9th students take 9th Grade Seminar. This research-based course is intended to ensure successful transition from middle school to a rigorous, college-prep high school.


Gateway believes that education must be broader than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students are required to take at least two full years in the arts, one of which needs to be a UC/CSU-approved course, and can choose from a range of courses including Visual Art, Drama, and Creative Writing.



Gateway students take three years of humanities, a cross-cultural study of history, literature, and social studies, and fourth year of Civics and English.


Our math program reflects the Common Core's focus on deep understanding of key concepts through exploration and problem-solving. All students will pass at least three years of math through Algebra 2. 


Our science program places an emphasis on students engaging in and grasping science through inquiry-based learning techniques. Gateway students take three years of inquiry-based, hands-on, collaborative science. 


All students take three consecutive years of Spanish. The Spanish program offers the option of traditional coursework for students who are new to Spanish as well as a set of classes designed to meet the needs of native and heritage speakers of Spanish or those who have participated in a Spanish-immersion educational setting prior to Gateway.

Physical Education

Students complete 240 hours (or 20 credits) of supervised physical activity (PE) in order to graduate. More information about how students can earn PE credit can be found here.