Enrollment FAQ's

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Enrollment FAQ's

9th Grade Lottery FAQs

Who Should Apply for the 2020-2021 9th Grade Lottery?

If you’re going into 9th grade, and think that Gateway could be a great fit for you, we encourage you to submit an application online or fill out our paper application. 

How does Gateway select its incoming 2020-2021 9th grade class?

As prescribed by California law, Gateway conducts a lottery for the incoming 9th grade class. San Francisco residents, Gateway Middle School students, siblings of current students, children of staff and faculty, and families that qualify for free and reduced lunch, are eligible for admission preferences.

How do I apply for the incoming 2020-2021 9th grade lottery?

You must complete the lottery application, dates TBD.  You can submit an application online or submit a paper application.

If Gateway uses a lottery to enroll students, why does Gateway require an application?

There are two main reasons Gateway requires an application. First, as a school of choice, we want to ensure that students use the application process as a way to decide if Gateway is the right school for them. By visiting the school and reading our materials, students get a good sense of what makes Gateway unique and what they can expect to experience if they enroll. Second, we use the application to help us get to know our new students right away, plan their schedules accordingly, and help them make as smooth of a transition to high school as possible.

Do I apply to Gateway through SFUSD?

No. Gateway’s enrollment process is completely separate from SFUSD. If you are applying to SFUSD high schools, do not list Gateway as one of your choices on the District’s enrollment form. Rather, use that form to select the other SFUSD schools that you would like to attend. Please be aware that if you choose to attend Gateway, you will be given a SFUSD enrollment form to fill out. The form is then submitted by Gateway to the Educational Placement Center of SFUSD so that the district knows which students are attending Gateway. Gateway students are part of SFUSD.

Are there any preferences given to any students in the admissions process?

Yes. Students at Gateway Middle School who reside in the district, those students within the district whose siblings attend Gateway High School, and district students who qualify for free and reduced price meals, are eligible for admission preference.

Does Gateway have a separate enrollment process or lottery for students with identified learning differences?

No. Students with identified learning differences are enrolled using the same lottery process.

Wait Pool Applicant FAQs

How many students are in the wait pool?

The size of the wait pool fluctuates as new applicants join and withdraw from the wait pool. Throughout the school year, the 9th grade wait pool ranges from 100-200 students. The 10th-12th grade wait pools range from 20-40 students.

Below is an approximation of the current sizes of each grade level wait pool.

  • 9th grade = 120
  • 10th grade = 40
  • 11th grade = 40
  • 12th grade = 20

By joining the wait pool, you have let us know that you want to come to Gateway. Though contacting us will not impact enrollment decisions, we always appreciate hearing from you with any questions or concerns. Feel free to write us a letter or send an email to enrollment@gatewayhigh.org.

When will I be notified of enrollment decisions?

We offer spots to our wait pool as room becomes available in our school. As a result, there are no specific calendar dates for when we offer enrollment to wait pool applicants. 

What are some important dates that I should know?

Enrollment trends suggest that a handful of spots may become available during the start of the school year within the first few weeks of August. Spots may also become available for the second semester of a school year.

How long does the wait pool remain active?

The wait pool remains active throughout the entire school year. Students in the wait pool may be offered enrollment at any time. There are no specific calendar dates for when we offer enrollment to wait pool applicants. 

Should I accept placement at another school while I wait?

Yes. It is imperative that you and your family make concrete plans for high school enrollment, independent of Gateway. Please remember that Gateway's enrollment process is completely separate from the SFUSD enrollment process. Accepting placement at another school will not impact your status in our wait pool. 

What if we pay tuition for a private or parochial school and get offered a space at Gateway?

Most private and parochial schools require a non-refundable down payment. It is your family's decision whether to accept placement at Gateway once you have paid a down payment and/or tuition.

How do I complete my Gateway Wait Pool application?

The online wait pool application is available here. There is no deadline for submitting your wait pool application, but you should submit it as soon as possible. Please note that the application is divided into two sections. Part one must be completed by you and is the only part required to join the wait pool. Part two, to be completed by your current school, is not required to join the wait pool. However, we would like to have a complete application on file as soon as possible.

Contact the Enrollment Department

If you have questions about the enrollment process at Gateway High School, please contact Andrea K. Tacdol, Enrollment Director, at (415) 749-3600 x 4457 or enrollment@gatewayhigh.org.