Visiting Colleges

Visiting Colleges

Visiting college campuses in person can be one of the most helpful activities during your college search. Touring campuses, talking to current students, and meeting faculty give you a real sense of the school that will add to all that you have read online. To schedule a college visit, simply call and inquire into the times for tours and information sessions. Also, check the websites for tour and information session times. These visits do not typically require an appointment, but occasionally they do, so call ahead.

How to get the most out of a college visit:

1. Call or check online for tour times or to reserve a spot on the tour and information session.

2. Many colleges have a formal information session at a specific time of the day. We recommend you attend this as well as do the campus tour.

3. Call ahead to see if the college offers on-campus interviews and try to arrange one. We recommend interviewing during the summer since it is often difficult to return to campuses during the fall.

4. If possible, attend some classes and also try to spend some time walking around the campus alone, to taste the flavor of the place. Often, visiting the dining hall and the student center, and listening to students talk, are other good ways to get a sense of the school’s atmosphere.

5. Explore the areas of campus (and the surrounding area) where you think you will spend the most time. Walk around the academic departments that interest you.

6. Take notes during your visit -- some colleges can begin to look and sound alike after several days of visiting, not to mention weeks later when you are constructing your list.