The Experience at Gateway

three gateway high school students

Building a Positive and Healthy School Culture

Student activities at Gateway, which include student-created clubs, interscholastic athletics, and after school programs, are specifically designed to build community within our diverse school community, support students to be responsible leaders, and foster a positive and healthy school culture.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of building community at Gateway, we ensure that our students know the importance of building community beyond our school walls and require students to participate in community service, with the hope that they develop into life-long community advocates.

Gateway's Burl Toler Scholars
Through their involvement in student activities at Gateway, students develop self-esteem, learn about their passions, and become part of a community.


Expectations and Community Values

Gateway’s community values – Step up. Do right. Dream big. – are at the heart of our school’s community and represent Gateway’s expectations.  Students examine and discuss the community values daily and it is expected that all students will try to live by these values.

Step up

At Gateway, we value responsibility and initiative. We believe that you are capable of taking responsibility for your own learning, your actions and the choices you make—including the poor ones. We believe that you are capable of meeting and learning from the natural consequences for the choices you make.

Stepping up includes:
  • Coming to school each day prepared, purposeful and positive.
  • Advocating for yourself when you need assistance with your learning by talking with teachers, advisors and other staff members.
  • Being honest about and taking responsibility for mistakes you make.

Do right

At Gateway, we value respect. We believe that you are capable of respecting yourself, those around you and the campus facilities we share. Nothing matters more to us than deep respect for every individual, regardless of cultural, racial, socioeconomic, religious, gender or learning difference. We are a diverse community that celebrates and respects differences. In addition, we believe that you are capable of taking care of our school’s campus and facilities.

Doing right includes:
  • Respecting individuality, difference and multiple points of view.
  • Expressing your identity in ways that are positive, not divisive or destructive.
  • Recognizing that the needs of the community may at times transcend the needs of the individual.
  • Demonstrating basic decency and care for those around you.
  • Preventing or stopping cruelty of any kind when you see it.
  • Never damaging or defacing school facilities or property, or the property of fellow staff or students.

Dream big

At Gateway, we value working hard. We believe that you are capable of setting and reaching your academic and personal goals in high school, in college, and in life. We believe in you and enthusiastically expect you to meet your goals.

Dreaming big includes:
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Thinking about where you are and where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.
  • Working hard every day.
  • Listening with openness to the advice of teachers, advisors and parents regarding your future goals.

Title IX Compliance

The Gateway community understands that any instance of sexual violence affects the entire community and is dedicated to complying with Title IX. Click here to learn more about Gateway's compliance with Title IX and your rights and responsibilities regarding filing a Title IX complaint.