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Applying to Gateway High School

Students are admitted to Gateway High School through a lottery. Each year we enroll 135 new 9th graders and a handful of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade transfer students. We have one large lottery in March for incoming 9th grade students. As spaces become available, we conduct a smaller lottery from our wait pool for transfer students. The students and families who choose to enroll bring diverse experiences, talents, learning styles, and perspectives.  Our community and academic program thrives on this diversity as we seek to educate and challenge all our students.

                                 Apply Online Now through SchoolMint

Paper Applications

While we encourage families to submit their application through SchoolMint, you may obtain a paper application at our main office located at 1512 Golden Gate Ave or 1430 Scott Street, at enrollment events, from your school counselor, or by downloading it.

2020-2021 English Application

English 2020-2021 Application
Aplicación de Inscripción de Gateway 2020-2021
2020-2021 Gateway 公立学校入学申请表 

2019-2020 Transfer Application

English 2019-2020 Application
Aplicación de Inscripción de Gateway 2019-2020 
2019-2020 Gateway 公立学校入学申请表 

Contact the Enrollment Department

If you have questions about the enrollment process at Gateway High School, please contact Andrea K. Tacdol, Enrollment Director at (415) 749-3600 x 4457 or